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¶ Welcome to Alter Littera - New Letters of Old, a "personal" digital-type foundry located in Madrid, Spain. Alter Littera produces and markets opentype fonts reviving some of the most beautiful bookhands from medieval Western manuscripts, as well as some of the finest European and North-American typefaces designed from the mid-fifteenth through the early-twentieth centuries. The "Bookhand", "Oldtype" and "Initials" font collections are focused on "gothic" or "black-letter" types, although they comprise many other historical fonts as well. Sample re-creations of the magnificent B42-type used by Johann Gutenberg in his famous 42-line Bible (Mainz, ca. 1455) can be seen in this website's background and title banner. Many other samples, along with detailed type specimens and full character maps for all of Alter Littera's finished fonts, are available through the menu links above.

¶ Alter Littera's Font Software, Digital Press Software and web contents are currently designed, produced and maintained by José Alberto Mauricio, Ph.D in Economics and Business Administration, and Associate Professor of Econometrics at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. As a fully separate activity from regular professional work, this spare-time "typographical adventure" emerged around the summer of 2009 from a personal interest in medieval alphabets and lettering. The hobby developed so deeply in later years that it was thought it might be interesting to release some of its "digital aspects" into the World Wide Web. Eventually, this website was launched on January 29, 2011. It is updated on a regular basis, so if you like it please bookmark and check back often.

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