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¶ 2016.03.09. Spring 2016 Sale - Every font 60% off until April 23.

¶ 2014.06.10. Summer 2014 Sale - Every font 60% off until July 25.

¶ 2014.06.08. Important website implementation upgrades completed: Domain name transferred to Hosting moved to E-mail address changed.

¶ 2014.03.25. Spring 2014 Sale - Every font 50% off until April 24. Order page simplified.

¶ 2014.01.22. Basic guitar chord posters (using the forthcoming Benedictine Pro font) added to the Digital Press.

¶ 2013.11.07. Price reduced for every released font.

¶ 2013.09.04. Background image and footer for every page improved (plus minor omissions fixed) throughout website.

¶ 2013.07.25. Font Software License Agreement revised. Revision includes the possibility of modifying font (OTF) files.

¶ 2013.06.09. Massive Summer 2013 Sale - Every font 80% off until July 24.

¶ 2013.05.24. Oldtype font Wilhelm Klingspor Schrift released.

¶ 2013.04.22. Homepage image and sources to historical samples updated. Shortcuts to currently available and forthcoming fonts added into Home and About pages.

¶ 2013.02.14. Oldtype Font Table and Font Gallery contents updated. Information added on the forthcoming Benedictine Pro font.

¶ 2013.01.03. Introducing Gutenberg A at Otro millón de gracias.

¶ 2012.12.27. Support files renamed for every released font. [Thanks to Typophile members for reading and commenting on this topic.] Minor bugs fixed in character map files.

¶ 2012.12.23. Oldtype free font Gutenberg A released.

¶ 2012.12.12. Oldtype Font Table and Font Gallery contents updated.

¶ 2012.11.28. Prices updated for items sold at the Digital Press.

¶ 2012.11.24. New slideshow introductory gallery for every released font, e.g. Gutenberg B, Gutenberg C, Psalterium, or Alter Headletter. [Thanks again to RoadRash for support on this topic.]

¶ 2012.11.21. New table and gallery launched for the "Initials" font collection.

¶ 2012.11.16. Oldtype fonts Gutenberg B, Gutenberg C and Psalterium updated to Version 2.0. Updates include new figures and currency symbols, fixed kerning for pairs with second element starting with an 'a', and some ligature refinements. Oldtype Font Table and Font Gallery contents updated. Minor bugs fixed throughout website.

¶ 2012.10.20. Introductory Offer - 60% off Alter Headletter regular price until November 4.

¶ 2012.10.05. Oldtype font Alter Headletter released.

¶ 2012.09.11. Three additional Oldtype fonts, plus first three Initials fonts, available at MyFonts: Gutenberg C, Deutsche Schrift, and Caslon Gotisch (no longer available), plus Initials Gothic C, Initials ATF Missal Caxton (no longer availabale) and Initials Bergling A.

¶ 2012.09.05. Oldtype font Deutsche Schrift updated to version 1.1. Major revision: smoothing of corners for every glyph. Minor revision: addition of a few alternate characters. The font has a softer and more consistent look, especially at large point sizes.

¶ 2012.09.01. Autumn Sale - 50% off every direct order until October 16.

¶ 2012.08.30. Introducing Alter Littera at Un millón de gracias.

¶ 2012.07.10. Contents modified: About section and Order subsection.

¶ 2012.07.06. First three Oldtype fonts available at MyFonts: Gutenberg B, Psalterium and Alter Gotisch.

¶ 2012.07.03. Initials font ATF Missal Caxton released (no longer available).

¶ 2012.06.22. First two Initials fonts released: Gothic C and Bergling A. Pages for previously released fonts and Digital Press updated accordingly (including a few minor price updates).

¶ 2012.06.12. New table and gallery launched for the "Oldtype" font collection. New table and gallery launched for the "Bookhand" font collection. [Thanks to RoadRash for support on this topic.]

¶ 2012.05.30. Digital Press opened. Legal Notices updated. Font Software License Agreement thoroughly revised. Prices updated for basic commercial licenses of released fonts. Thumbnails added to galleries of released fonts.

¶ 2012.05.19. Oldtype font Psalterium released.

¶ 2012.05.14. Minor bugs fixed in character map documents for released fonts.

¶ 2012.05.11. Oldtype fonts Gutenberg B and Gutenberg C updated to version 1.1 (minor revision of several "archaic" glyphs). Specimens, character maps, samples and website background image modified accordingly.

¶ 2012.04.20. Oldtype font Alter Gothic thoroughly revised and re-released as Alter Gotisch. Major revision: complete redesign of 'c', 'e', 'r', 'x' and associated glyphs. Minor revisions: changes in upper-left part of almost every glyph; adjustments in letter spacing and punctuation signs. The font has a more compact, compressed look, with consistent and regular white-space structures.

¶ 2012.04.17. Specimen documents improved for released fonts.

¶ 2012.02.28. News section added.

¶ 2012.02.07. Type design information page opened at Luc Devroye's website. Type designer page opened at Klingspor-Museum's website. Thanks.

¶ 2012.02.03. Main Alter Littera logo revised. [Thanks to Typophile members for reading and commenting on this topic.]

¶ 2012.01.28. First five Oldtype fonts released: Gutenberg B, Gutenberg C, Deutsche Schrift, Caslon Gotisch (no longer available), and Alter Gothic (re-released as Alter Gotisch on April 20th, 2012).

¶ 2011.12.24. Contents modified: Bookhand and Initials sections.

¶ 2011.12.21. Website background image added. The image is an adaptation of a piece of text from Gutenberg's Bible (vol.2, fol.191 recto) using the Oldtype "Gutenberg B" Font.

¶ 2011.12.17. Contents modified: Oldtype section.

¶ 2011.01.29. Website launched.