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The Initials "Bergling A" Font

J.M. Bergling - Chicago, 1918

Current Version: ALIN Bergling A 1.0 (Initial Release - June 2012)

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A comprehensive set of initials (usually referred to as Uncials, Lombardic Initials, or Lombards) of the French variety, adapted from Bergling, J.M. (1918), Art Alphabets and Lettering (Second Edition), Chicago: Blakely-Oswald Printing Company. The font contains over one hundred glyphs, including character outlines for two-color layering. Suitable to accompany most Gothic (especially Textura and Rotunda) and many Roman typefaces, or to be displayed as drop caps or in full titles and headings.

Font Initials Bergling A

Sample characters from the Initials "Bergling A" Font

Font Initials Bergling A

Composition using the Initials "Bergling A" and the Oldtype "Alter Gotisch" Fonts

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