Alter Littera - New Letters of Old

The Oldtype "Alter Headletter" Font

Alter Littera - Madrid, 2012

Current Version: ALOT Alter Headletter 1.0 (Initial Release - October 2012)

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This is Alter Littera's second original design. It started as an attempt at translating into roman forms the lowercase metrics of classic blackletters, in particular those of the Oldtype "Alter Gotisch" Font. Eventually, the design process led naturally to an innovative and modern re-creation of the overall forms and style of classic bold condensed letters from the early twentieth century, especially those of the "Century Bold Condensed" type from American Type Founders (ATF) Company's American Specimen Book of Type Styles, Jersey City, 1912 (pp. 274-7) [also seen in McGrew, M. (1993), American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century (Second, Revised Edition), New Castle: Oak Knoll Books (pp. 76-7)]. In addition to the usual standard characters for typesetting in modern Western languages, the font includes a comprehensive set of special characters, alternates, ligatures and ornaments, plus Opentype features, that can be used for creating distinctive and attractive texts with virtually unlimited variations. The glyphs are clean, smooth and definitely readable, so the font will be suitable not only for large titles and headings, but also for full text pages.

Font Alter Headletter

A few Econometrics-related terms and fictional headings

Font Alter Headletter

Adaptation from Gebr. Klingspor's Eine deutsche Schrift von Rudolf Koch (1910)

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