Alter Littera - New Letters of Old

The Initials "Gothic C" Font

Henric Pieterszoon "Lettersnijder" - Delft, 1508

Current Version: ALIN Gothic C 1.0 (Initial Release - June 2012)

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A comprehensive set of initials (usually referred to as Uncials, Lombardic Initials, or Lombards) of the Germanic variety, designed after Henric Pieterszoon's Gothise Monnikke Letteren as appearing in Enschedé, J. (1768), Proef van Letteren, Haarlem (p. 120); also mentioned as Great Primer Uncials and 2-line Brevier Uncials in Vervliet, H.D.L. (1968), Sixteenth-Century Printing Types of the Low Countries, Amsterdam: Hertzberger (pp. 54-55, and 212-213). The font contains over one hundred glyphs, including as a bonus six layered plus two plain ornamental initials adapted from the Gutenberg Bible (Mainz, ca. 1455) and the Mainz Psalter (Mainz, 1457). Suitable to accompany most Gothic (especially Textura and Rotunda) typefaces, or to be displayed as drop caps or in full titles and headings.

Font Initials Gothic C

Sample characters from the Initials "Gothic C" Font

Font Initials Gothic C

Composition using the Initials "Gothic C" and the Oldtype "Alter Gotisch" Fonts

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Several uncial initials in the Oldtype "Psalterium" Font have been derived from corresponding characters in the Initials "Gothic C" Font, adjusting them to cope with the special (large) x-height and letter spacing of the Psalterium font (so the two sets of initials are not directly interchangeable). Further samples containing two-color layered drop caps from the Initials "Gothic C" Font can be found in the image galleries for the Gutenberg B and Psalterium fonts, as well as at the Digital Press.


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