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The Oldtype "Gutenberg B" Font

Johann Gutenberg - Mainz, ca. 1455

Current Version: ALOT Gutenberg B 2.0 (November 2012)

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A clean, smooth rendition of the magnificent B42-type used by Johann Gutenberg in his famous 42-line Bible. [Also available in a slightly roughened style as the Oldtype "Gutenberg C" Font.] In addition to the usual standard characters for typesetting modern texts, the font includes a comprehensive set of special characters, alternates and ligatures, plus Opentype features, that can be used for typesetting (almost) exactly as in Gutenberg's Bible and later incunabula. The main historical sources used during the font design process were high-resolution scans from several printings of Gutenberg's Bible. Other sources were as follows: Kapr, A. (1996), Johann Gutenberg - The Man and his Invention, Aldershot: Scolar Press (ch. 7); De Hamel, C. (2001), The Book - A History of The Bible, London: Phaidon Press (ch. 8); F├╝ssel, S. (2005), Gutenberg and the impact of printing, Burlington: Ashgate (ch. 1); and Man, J. (2009), The Gutenberg Revolution, London: Bantam (ch. 7).

Updates in Version 2.0 include new figures and currency symbols, fixed kerning for pairs with second element starting with an 'a', and some ligature refinements.

Font Gutenberg B

Re-creation of Gutenberg's B42-type

Font Gutenberg B

Page (half-folio) layout re-creation from Gutenberg's Bible

Font Gutenberg B

40-line page re-creation from Gutenberg's Bible (vol.1, fol.1 recto)

Font Gutenberg B

42-line page re-creation from Gutenberg's Bible (vol.2, fol.191 recto)

Font Gutenberg B

The Oldtype "Gutenberg B" (top) and "Gutenberg C" (bottom) Fonts compared to the original B42-type (middle)

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Drop caps in sample images above have been set using the Initials "Gothic C" Font. The "MATHEUS" heading has been set using the Initials "Gothic A" Font (under development).


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