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The Oldtype "Gutenberg C" Font

Johann Gutenberg - Mainz, ca. 1455

Current Version: ALOT Gutenberg C 2.0 (November 2012)

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A slightly roughened version of the Oldtype "Gutenberg B" Font, simulating irregularities and ink spreads associated with old metal types, papers and parchments. Apart from its rough appearance, which will be clearly noticed only at large point sizes, the font is identical to the Oldtype "Gutenberg B" Font.

Updates in Version 2.0 include new figures and currency symbols, fixed kerning for pairs with second element starting with an 'a', and some ligature refinements.

Font Gutenberg C

Re-creation of Gutenberg's B42-type

Font Gutenberg C

The Oldtype "Gutenberg B" (top) and "Gutenberg C" (bottom) Fonts compared to the original B42-type (middle)

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